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fanfic outdoes canon, take twenty

I've been having a lot more fun over at pwdressingroom than I expected; I mostly intended to lurk. So I was thinking about whether there are any characters (not PW) that I'd be comfortable enough playing that I could app them somewhere, and where (and who) I could play that would be okay with the level of activity I can maintain (some weeks only a few hours -- like this one, this morning is the first time since last Friday that I haven't been either crazy-busy or fighting off a three-day migraine.)

So I was thinking classic Who, because I know that canon backwards and forwards. There's just the little problem of being American and very good at picking up regionalisms in other people's writing, so paranoid about my own. Which would mean playing Peri or no-one, and I dun wanna play Peri. And then I was thinking, if *canon* gets her Americanisms wrong on a very regular basis, can I really be any worse with one of the other companions? (Probably, plz don't answer that. *snerk*)

So then I was thinking Mel -- especially since I already have a boatload of screencaps I was doing for a possible moodtheme, and I have a *lot* in common with her, which runs the risk of Mary Sue-ing but also means I don't have to second-guess everything.

So I started tinkering with icons, pulling together info on 1989 state-of-the-art in computers, etc., and finally decided I needed to ebay the main spin-off novel about her -- Business Unusual. I'd wanted to pick it up anyways; this gave me an excuse.

I've gotten through the first 20 pages. Ow. Ow, ow, ow. It's worse than bad fanfic; bad fanfic doesn't have the BBC logo on the cover. And the author has done some really lovely things for Big Finish; why is this so bad. In the first twenty pages:

1. A scene straight out of a florid romance novel where one of the author's friend's names is used for a gratuitously pretty gay young man. I'm not sure whether to hope the young man will actually be a plot point or hope he never appears again; either way, bad form.

2. Fourth-wall breaking and self-parody of the series, but not in a good way; it tries to walk the line between serious and self-deprecating and just looks lame.

3. Mention of "internet sites". IT'S 1989. 1989 was the era of BBSes and USENET and while "Internet" was in use back then, it wasn't used like that, and not by a non-hacker (Mel, who is a hacker, is discussing a friend). The "World Wide Web" is 1991, folks. And it was years after that before the sort of site being described in the story was common.

Ow. Ow, ow, ow. (And it's hard to fanwank it to say that DW-world was that much more advanced, since other-canon from that era is very much set in that era technology-wise.)

And, yes, I realize that I've put too much thought into this, especially since I doubt I actually have the nerve to app her anywhere. But if I do, I'm darn well getting the tech right; it's a huge part of who she is.
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