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New Who finale mutterings (no spoilers in post)

I haven't seen the Who S4 finale yet -- I'm being a patient 'Merkin and waiting.

But having seen the fandom reaction, I'm torn between two extremes: one, ARRGH WHY! and two, hey a bunch of GOOD who fanficcers are writing fixits and yay goodfic.

I don't think that's how it's supposed to work, though.

(I didn't think LotTL was that bad, though it had problems -- basically, redo how the tinkerbell-Jesus-Doc effect was handled and the basic plot I'm okay with. Doomsday I loathed except for the small amounts of Rose/Mickey fic it generated. I *like* Rose/Mickey in all it's dysfunctional glory. Parting of the Ways I liked as-is.)

I should also really really finish that whoniverse1000 story I was working on.
ETA: okay, while I can't get the story to actually get past the flirting, I found a point to cut it off at early and call it a wrap. Yay.
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