Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

oh god the macfen

Perhaps I should just forward my entire inbox to /dev/null whenever Apple has something planned.

I'm getting like an email a minute from rabid pro/anti mac friends, complete with snark, logical fallacies, links to weird stuff on the net, etc. It's like shipperwars without any sex.

Sigh. And my XO still isn't here yet -- I want my tiny green laptop RIGHT NOW so I can write on the train without involving notebooks. Though I evidently amused someone on the T the other day by scribbling in my notebook; she commented that longhand writing was a lost art. I think my wrist agrees. Especially since nothing I've written has been postable, even anonymously. Oh well.

ETA: sorry for venting. But it's LJ, and I promise I won't do it too much.
ETA2: and cross-country skiing by moonlight followed by a stiff drink makes it all better. I am a simple beast.
Tags: i don't really hate everyone
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