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video game meme - 2

OK I am too tipsy to actually write anything of substance after a friend's bachelor party (where I ran into leora who mentioned LJ-support and we realized we had a bunch of friends in common, some IRL and some internet, like lady_angelina. It's a small internet.) So I will continue this meme.

Hmm. Favorite character. Most of the games I loved growing up didn't have much in the way of characters. You either were some cardboard cut-out, or there was a story but you outfitted up your own Mage/Warrior/whatever and put your own specific personality and name there. It wasn't really until I got my PS2 and GBA that I started playing games with fleshed-out protagonists and parties.

I'm going to go with the guy in the icon -- Phoenix Wright. There are other characters and other stories that yanked at my heartstrings, but this one dragged me into a fandom and I'm still loving it three years later. Granted, I love lots of characters in the story, but the protagonist heads the list. He's an idealist, ridiculously loyal to his friends, snarky without being cruel (note: I still find this true in Apollo Justice, though not everyone does), intelligent, and well-rounded as a character despite the limitations of the game style.

It doesn't hurt that I love the text adventure / graphical adventure genre in general; the older games still didn't have protagonists so much as player characters, but like everything else, the genre has evolved.

And if there's anyone reading this who hasn't played the games, if you have an iPhone the first game is on there and is like $5. Try it.

Runners-up: Rosella, King's Quest 4 for having a story and being a female protagonist when that just wasn't done, and Yuna, Final Fantasy X for facing a destiny that sucked unflinchingly, and lots more I will kick myself for not including when I am more awake.

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