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RP & Shipping meme

From murasaki_kaze and nest, but as I'm posting from lunch break I'm not dealing with linking icons and all the formatting. Just the tl;dr.

Character: Sangamon Taylor
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ships: Canon? Sangamon/Debbie. While I'm not sure they'll work out long-term, he does love her. In game? None. I pulled him from after he and Debbie are seriously together.
Notes: First in a line of characters with fairly strong canon sexuality. Alternative sexualities are discussed (lesbian roommates) and he's not at all homophobic. (Heterocentrist, yes. Homophobic, no.) Bit of a man-crush on Hank Boone, which gets one lulz-worthy section where he thinks about the guy's eyes and then they wrestle, but really, he's straight.

Character: Taura
Orientation: Heterosexual
Ships: Canon? Miles/Taura. At Damned? No serious things forming, but she thinks Raph and Tylor are cute. And she probably wouldn't say no if someone asked for an Aquila-proofing.
Notes: We see her attracted to two men in canon, and no women. Alternative sexualities and genders abound; if she were interested in women or herms (canon term), I think we'd have seen it. Sex is a big, weird deal to her -- it's at once something she'd do casually and something deeply deeply precious. Mainly because it's how she asked Miles to prove that he thought she was human when they first met. But she also takes a very carpe diem approach to life and things she enjoys, and sex is on there. Sex and good food. She's also incredibly self-conscious at times, which means trust and nerves and all that gets taken into the bedroom.

Character: Lana Skye
Orientation: In canon? I waffle. At Damned? Heterosexual. See notes.
Ships: Canonly, I kind of ship her with everyone. Well, not her sister. Iris, Edgeworth, Phoenix, (and any combination thereof), Mia, Damon being the big ones. At Damned, no-one, and I expect it'll stay that way.
Notes: With Lana, as with a lot of the Ace Attorney characters, partly because they're older than the average video game characters, and partly because it is the default characterization for "person" in my head, I see them as knowing and fairly comfortable in their sexuality. For some characters, that comes with an addendum of a specific sexuality; not so much for Lana. I can see her as really anywhere on the Kinsey scale, and will just go with the flow in fanfiction. She also spends several years pushing away any sort of intimate (friendly or otherwise) relationship. As for why damned!Lana is straight? Mostly it just felt right while playing around in memes on FoC for that particular version, and I went with it. As she's really not interested in dating right now at all, it's unlikely to come up. If damned had an AA-verse woman and the player wanted to run a ship, I'd consider it, since it *hasn't* come up in main game and thus wouldn't need retconning, but I doubt it would.

And I have just run out of room, but I will add that Spark Brushel and Vera Misham I also see as heterosexual. I really need some variety, though as I don't really play for shipping, I guess it doesn't matter.
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