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tvtropes meme

I still owe comments and tags, and have a bunch to do around the house. So what better to do than waste time on a meme.

TVTropes meme: go to Better Than It Sounds and find some shows/books/whatever that you like. List 20, let people guess.

Fairly random collection, as I went sort of randomly diving through the lists after a bunch of ones I looked for weren't there, looking for things I recognized that were at least halfway amusing. ...And I added one to TVTropes, but it's probably not any of the ones you're thinking of.

Note: I edited one of these to remove what felt like a unnecessary reference to triggering content.

Persona 3: The greatest stair-climbing simulator in history. (guessed by jennifer)

2. Malcontents vent their frustration by throwing rocks at the people in charge.

3. A drug addict attempts to make the world a better place by swearing a lot and shooting people. The president is not pleased.

4. Girl discovers thermodynamics, dies in a fire. Meanwhile, a lot of academics are wrong.

Into The Woods: Various fairytales get Crisis Crossover'd with each other. The main conflict ends halfway through, at which point Happily Ever After begins to get deconstructed. Violently. (guessed by miss_prince)

6. An examination of post-war national disillusionment, heartbreakingly told through the allegory of a giant dinosaur.

7. A porn scriptwriter raised by a nanotechnological supercomputer in book form while living in a recreation of the Victorian society in China designs a chainsaw-sword, conquers Beijing with an army of young Chinese girls who have been memetically programmed to be her followers, and saves her foster mother from being killed as a result of a mathematical calculation involving an undersea orgy. Meanwhile, the other main character wakes up from a ten year nap, reconnects with his estranged daughter (who was also the scriptwriter's boarding school roommate), discovers that he is the Mac Guffin he was supposed to be looking for, and proceeds to turn lead into gold. Yes, [name redacted for memeage] wrote this book. Stop looking at me like that.

8. The UN in space, with lizards and peacocks.

9. A cricketer fails to save the day a lot.

Red Dwarf: The last human in existence drifts through space in a vast abandoned ship. It's a comedy. (guessed by astrogirl2)

11. Midget destroys stolen property.

12. You are simultaneously the two most powerful beings on the planet and the biggest whiner in the galaxy.

13. Boy Meets Girl... more specifically, a girl on the run from pirates and a government agent who convinces the military to help him steal a necklace.

14. An anonymous vacuum cleaner salesman takes a crash course in sorcery in order to help a talking lamp overthrow a bald, magic-hating tyrant.

15. A bioengineered supersoldier/ delivery girl gets caught up in the middle of a power squabble over the right to control the Earth's energy supply. On the advice of her adoptive father, she gets the hell out of there as soon as she can.

16. A man's sexual frustrations cause him to make some questionable decisions at work. Hilarity Ensues.

Zodiac: A Well Intentioned Extremist takes drugs, has sex, eats charcoal, manufactures smelly chemicals, gives people embarrassing nicknames, and saves Boston from some kind of virus. (guessed by lady_angelina)

Final Fantasy X-2: A young woman searches for her lost love by playing dress-up. (guessed by puddingtreat)

The Matrix: Killer robots turn people into batteries, and the only one who can stop them is Keanu Reeves. (guessed by astrogirl2)

Jurassic Park: Two kids get invited to visit their grandfather's zoo and watch a lawyer feed one of the animals. (guessed by astrogirl2)
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