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Ages ago wariena gave me five questions. Now I'm finally answering them.

Leave a comment with your favorite emoticon \(O_o)/ ~
- I'll respond by asking you five questions to satisfy my curiosity.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions (if you want).
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions (if you want).

1) What's your favourite point 'n' click?

Hm. I haven't played as many as I'd like because I missed a bunch of big ones due to not having a compatible or fast enough machine. (I've owned Loom for over ten years, and never had a way to play it. Though I'm sure I could get an emulator; I just haven't.) Kings Quest 6, maybe? It wasn't so hard that I got frustrated and went walkthrough-hunting (and then failed my saving throw against looking at too many hints), and had a lot of really fun bits. Zork Grand Inquisitor was also fun, but was actually too easy. Then I didn't play any for forever, really until I got my PS2 and DS. (And the copy I got of Escape From Monkey Island wouldn't save on the PS2 -- I never did figure out what was wrong with it.)

...I may have just done some googling and ended up trying to sign up for the Steam beta for Mac. We shall see. I'd switched over to all-console gaming, but that's a pendulum that shifts back and forth for me.

The only point-and-clicks I've become fannish over are Ace Attorney and, to a much smaller extent, Hotel Dusk -- by virtue of that they put themselves sort of in a different league. As games, I found them a bit too easy and too linear. As stories, they put most or all of the older point-and-clicks I'd played to shame.

2) Have you ever read a book/watched a series/ played a game/etc where you wished you could have changed the ending in some way? If so, how and why?

Oh, lots. Some because they were sad endings. (That's not to say I don't like sad endings when they fit the story.) Like Torchwood: CoE. There was one death in there (Steven) that didn't, IMHO, fit the tone of the show, and the other (Ianto) just felt gratuitous. Especially due to the whole "gay characters never live" trope. Doctor Who, and its spinoffs, have this ongoing thread of hope, and the main characters almost never die. It's unrealistic, but it's part of the narrative. Torchwood ended on a huge downer. Yes, it's a darker show, but still.

I dislike cop-out "it was just a dream" endings; always have. There's a number of things I'd have changed as a kid.

Then there's things that just sort of petered out -- the ending of Harry Potter just feels jumbled and a bit of a let-down, etc.

As a kid, I had trouble grokking the ending of Lord of the Rings -- the whole Scouring of the Shire felt like an unnecessary addition, and Frodo's ending just unnecessarily sad. That's one I no longer dislike; it took growing up to understand it.

3) What would you say is the worst bad habit a person could have?

Hm. Assuming habit is "things that are irritating" and not "things that show a fundamental lack of ethics" -- inability to refrain from unwanted invasion of personal space, probably. Both physically and people who try to talk to you on the bus when you have headphones in; I am not a hugely extroverted person.

4) How did you get into AA? What's your favourite game from the series?

I was stalking video game review websites/gaming news for a while -- basically, treating gaming like a fandom, and saw a review (this was just after JfA came out) for a new series of graphical adventure games. Since I've always loved the genre, I kept an eye out for the first game when looking at the used games at GameStop, and picked it up. By the time I'd finished it, I already had an order in for import copies of JfA and T&T (JfA was really hard to find then, and it was cheaper to import as it'd gone Greatest Hits. And T&T wasn't out yet.) My favorite game is the first one -- it has several of my absolute favorite cases, and it's the one I replay the most. (Aside from partial replays for canon review purposes of 4-4, of which I've practically memorized some sections.)

5) What were you like in high school?

I don't think I was that different? Shyer, less confident, younger, and more likely to overreact to emotional stuff, but there was a point in my life when I was about 11 or 12 where my personality sort of settled down, and since then I've grown but not fundamentally changed, IMHO. Geeky, socially awkward, sloppily-dressed, always smiling unless really upset or ill: all of those haven't changed. One thing that has -- I was always much more comfortable around adults than my peers as a kid; I always wondered what would happen when I became an adult. Mostly that I'm comfortable in an academic or work setting, and still awkward as heck when it switches to a social one, even with the same people. Like going from a meeting to lunch with my co-workers.

Well, that and I had chronic sinus infections that were exacerbated badly by being on the swim team, so "sniffly" might be your first impression in person. XD That's a lot better now than it was then, though right now is being an exception, sigh.
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