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picspam, only a week late

So, now that I'm something resembling caught up on posts -- picspam time.

Ang asked for photos of my office with these stickers, and I finally remembered to take my camera along. I didn't get the other photo I'd meant to -- it's gotten too light in the mornings for the South Station clock to be lit. I'll have to swing by at night some time.

The photos are all locked to registered LJ users -- and LJLogin doesn't play nice with Scrapbook. You may need to log in manually and check "Remember Me" to see them. Sorry, but I like to keep stuff with work mentions at least a little private, and I may swap them to friends-only eventually.

My door, complete with dressing-room style star:

A larger view of the door:

My whiteboard, for once scrubbed clean:

And my mess of a desk, complete with Dalek and Godot mug amidst the clutter.

Co-worker reactions have ranged from mild confusion (from most of my immediate team, who aren't so much of geeks -- video games are things their kids play, not them) to random people sticking their heads in to tell me it's ZOMGAWESOME, to the cleaning staff (who all think it's really fun -- I was worried they'd be annoyed even though they don't clean the walls or windows and thus don't have to work around them, but they were amused).

So there's doing canon reviews by rereading/watching/playing the source. And there's the fun sort. Bike-riding through Allston/Brighton is that one, and last Saturday I went rambling since it was one of the first really gorgeous days of spring. I didn't take many pictures; I'm generally terrible about that. But the Harvard Stadium seemed ripe for icon-ing (if I ever send S.T. to the basement I will have a Coliseum picture all handy), and I am possibly the last Gyakusai fan in Boston to notice the second, but...

Then I bought a ton of beans and spices at an Indian grocery, went and watched jennifer sing and dance, picked up grapefruit bitters at the new cocktail shop (yes, really, wtf) and cruised home to put together a Passover Seder shopping list. Sunday was spent in the kitchen being productive, because cooking is something I haven't done nearly as much as I'd like of.

Orange sponge cake (with no flour -- entirely Passover-kosher except for the parts where I don't have two sets of dishes, etc.) This is how you cool a sponge cake -- the fact I couldn't find a non-non-stick tube pan was worrysome, but it stuck well enough.

And then came out gorgeous. Light and fluffy, and while it's not quite the crumb you'd get with real flour, it's delicious. Definitely benefited from using fresh oranges and lemons rather than bottled juice and dried peel.

And the second thing was my mom's traditional Easter kulebiaka, cabbage version (salmon is the more traditional but cabbage is not untraditional). Made with matzoh meal for the pie-crust-style crust, which is an absolute bastard to work with but is worth it. It's still better with flour, but it's damn good this way.

If anyone wants the recipes, holler. I think I have them both digitally somewhere.

Of course, the problem with all this baking was that I came down with a cold on Monday night and didn't get to *go* to Seder. And D---- was stressing out about us getting more water in the new basement and didn't go either, so it all sat around here while Seder happened elsewhere. So we still have cake left, despite it being the only thing I could stomach for several days. Sigh. Next year. The cake was actually really easy.
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