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this is not a real entry

I have a stack of photos, a bunch of ramblings, some recipes, and Strange Journey and new Who reactions, but I am still not feeling human enough to manage to string words together past managing a pair of not-great-but-hopefully-IC posts for Lana and Taura.

Bleah. Stupid head colds. Not even a real 'flu or anything; just a cold that keeps sucking the energy away. I'm mostly not feeling sick any more, but I'm still sleeping 13+ hours out of every 24, and spending a few more sort of blinking at things. I did manage to go to work on Friday, but I haven't been good for much else.

So eventually I will get caught up and share pictures of cake and new icon-fodder for S.T. (I went biking in Brighton last Saturday on what was intended as a canon review before flinging him into NS but I'm, uh, still behind on that) and reply to a zillion non-RP comments in my inbox -- but not today.
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