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livejournal is not a fic archive

I finally nerved up and set up my A03 account and imported a few stories. I'd intended to get some or all beta-read, but I couldn't make myself go back through stuff I'd written two years ago -- instead, I just pulled a few over, and backdated them so at least they'll show up as old.

Same username and everything. The AO3 now has a tag for Lisa Basil (Ace Attorney) and Ray Defwydd (Doctor Who), the latter of which I had to look up the last name for since I wasn't even sure she HAD one.

I should find time to write stuff that's not RP. But RP is fun.

ETA: pfft, I just pushed Ace Attorney onto the list of video game fandoms linked on the fandoms page. It's currently 3 different FF games, Kingdom Heards, plus GS/AA. NEEDS MOAR GAMERS.
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