Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

Mystery Hunt: awesome, a bit on the short side (and a bit of timing fail on my part on when I decided to sleep, as I woke up just in time to see the ending email.) But good. I really need to work on my puzzle skills sometime OTHER than Hunt to be more effective, but we had a good hunt. Didn't win, which was actually on the goal list this time around, but we'll see what the stats say.

Post-Mystery Hunt sleep: also awesome. Day off from work++.

And that RP meme that's going around, grabbed from poisoninkbottle

Where and when did you start rping?</u>
D&D in college.

Do you rp anywhere other than LJ?
A friend is putting together a tabletop one-shot for sometime soon; I'm not in any on-going tabletop campaigns. And LJ is the only online RPing I do.

Do you play in any public games?
Yes. damned and forjusticeonly. I've only played in public games on LJ, as it happens.
First-person or logging? Logging. I find first-person HARDER, not easier. It is occasionally fun, but I find prose much more natural.

What was the first character you ever played?
Tabletop? A bard, in a very hack-and-slash campaign. Can't even remember her? his? name. First tabletop character where personality trumped stats? A fifty-something year old laid-off Latin teacher from rural Illinois. Fringeworthy campaign -- nifty, nifty world, though our GM rewrote a lot of the play mechanics and shoved it over to the exploration rather than combat side. First fandom character? Spark Brushel, from Gyakuten Saiban/Ace Attorney.

Who's your favorite character to play now and why?
Sangamon Taylor (toxicspiderman).

What's the longest you've ever consistently played one character?
Define consistently? I started out playing Spark in the PW Dressing room, off and on when I felt like it, and he's been at forjusticeonly for a little less than a year. But there was a bunch of more off than on there. Whereas S.T. has been at damned for more than a year now.

What's your biggest RP pet peeve?
My schedule getting in the way.

Do you read roleplaysecrets and the RP anon meme?
The former, consistently. The latter -- when it was one infrequent big meme, I skimmed it and occasionally posted. Now that it's sort of ongoing, I don't much. Though when I have looked at it recently, it's much more focused on interesting discussion of RP-related stuff than wank, which is nice.

If you've played in public before, do you prefer community based or journal based games?
I've only played in community-based, but I really like the journal-based setup for games where it makes sense for the setting. I have sort of wanted to app Mel Bush at dramadramaduck for over a year, but I can't get over the hump of trying to write a very British character, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't keep up with that fast of a commentspam game. I just love the idea of her in the setting.

Would you rather play with someone who's very very IC but a mediocre writer or someone who isn't always IC (but not terrible) and a great writer?
I know very few canons; the latter is usually not going to bother me. If I do know the canon, though -- if it's really failure to be IC rather than interpretation differences, it'll drive me up the wall. But I haven't ever been tagged by someone I couldn't see as just being a very different interpretation, rather than OOC.

Do you have a "rp partner"?
Nope. People I work well with, yes, and people (lady_angelina, mostly) that I tend to AIMspam with when I'm online and playing, but no-one I'd call a "partner". Nor do I want one; I like playing with big groups of people.

Do you ever stalk any casts, games, or players? Who?
I stalk Ace Attorney casts in a variety of places, including my own games. And if someone really did app Raven from Snow Crash at capeandcowl like was mentioned on roleplaysecrets, I'd stalk the hell out of that. In damned, there are a bunch of people I will read if they wander through the same posts I'm in, but the AA cast is really the only one I will go back and look for.

In your opinion, which part of an app is the most difficult/annoying?
Samples. Also the most important, but definitely the hardest. Mostly because I suck at coming up with plots for them, and it's hard to make WTF WHERE AM I (i.e. an opening post) sound unique sometimes.

Are you one of those people who has to customize their character's journal layout and userinfo?
Not especially; I've done all my userinfos because I do like having them nice, and then I just grab a stock layout that's vaguely appropriate. I don't play in any journal-based games, so I don't use my character's flist view. Once I've got something I like, I leave it alone; I did change Taura's userinfo recently because I commissioned art; previously, hers had just been a flat list of info. I do dislike it when there's no info on profiles, but damned requires it, so I rarely run across that. Because it can be hard to tell what a character really looks like/basic body language just from icons.

What was your first game?
Tabletop, see first answer. LJ, pwdressingroom.

Are there any canons you avoid tagging characters from?

Most memorable scene in any thread?
Game, the Fringeworthy scene where my mild-mannered ex-Latin teacher ends up charging at a horde of barbarians on horseback, wielding a rifle and shouting her fool head off. There was context, but it really doesn't matter. It was IC, and it was absolutely insane, and it was WIN. On LJ? I'm not sure. There are a lot that come to mind, but none that stick out above the others.

Do you rp sex?
Fade to black, please. I play characters (mostly) that are adults and in charge of their own sexuality; if they decide they want to have it, I'm not going to stop them for OOC reasons. But I'd rather either keep it vague or fade to black. The former, if done well, could be kind of awesome since you don't lose the ability to have pillow talk. (By vague, I mean no tl;dr details -- "she'd have said something in reply, but her mouth was occupied. When, at last, it wasn't, she grinned up and blah blah blah" instead of a detailed blowjob blow-by-blow.)

Do you play more males or females?
Right now, I'm two and two. If my latest damned app goes through, I'll be 2 men, 3 women.

What won't you rp?
Not sure. As said before, I don't have any desire to do smut.

Dressing rooms: yes or no?
See first game question. I've played in them and would do so again.

Ever rped a pairing?

Favorite place to play: musebox, open posts, public games, private games?
Public games.

Talking rp with someone else who plays your character: fun or awkward?
Fun! I don't get many chances to, since I am Obscurity Girl with characters most of the time.
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