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yeah, sick

...well, at least that explains why I've been wanting to go to bed at 10 all this week and have been playing Meteos on the train because any of the things I want to write are shrouded in fuzz.

Bleah. I finally gave in to listening to my body and slept for 13 hours. And I'm still exhausted. At least it's just a cold-thing, not a flu or anything. Something mild enough I managed to convince myself was just stress until it finally added a mild sore throat to the proceedings.

(For those who care: I'm still going to try to finish my damned app -- it's written and proofread except for the 3p sample, but I probably won't be doing the midnight-opening submission thing unless I wake up a lot in the next few hours. Memo to self: 500 words. You don't have to come up with an epic. Nor should you let yourself be stymied by the fact that when half asleep on the train last week you thought you had something brilliant, and then it slipped away. You do that all the time with posts and they come out OK.)
Tags: it's my journal &i'll whine if i want to, rp
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