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spoiler-proofing the sarah

Am slowly getting caught up on Doctor Who and spinoffs; still at 2/5 on Children of Earth but we watched Waters of Mars tonight.

I quite liked WoM -- there was some points (the Battlestar Galatica stylistic homage, complete with ethereal incoherent female vocals, the Doctor walking through flaming wreckage while D---- points out that there's not enough atmosphere for it to burn without wibbly wobbly science) where I rolled my eyes at RTD and then he completely turned around and skewered it. Well played.

And Tennant does going off the rails so beautifully; yes, it can get overplayed, but the fact that it has an endpoint and that endpoint is soon makes me willing to play along.

I can stop hiding the casting spoilers I knew (the Master returning, Donna) as well, since they teased that. (D---- was accidentally casting-spoiled for Billie Piper via a friend's LJ, and those are the big ones.

In other news, pecan pie with green tea ice-cream is an unconventional but tasty combination. This is what happens when you accidentally do most of your Thanksgiving food shopping at H-mart. (Hey, I had an errand to run in Burlington, I stopped by, and suddenly I had a cart full of gorgeous produce and random crap. I have now successfully made both ddeok and gnocchi, although not at the same meal.)
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