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[kinkmeme] Fan Mail

Fandom: Phoenix Wright
Prompt: WAAAGH! OMGYAY! That's SOOOO CUTE! I love you, Anon! (i.e. one of those accidental misplaced comments.)
Author's note: This came immediately to mind on reading the comment, so I wrote it. Written without even rereading originally; just dumped and posted. (I did correct the lone spelling error here.) Maya & Phoenix, gen. Spoilers for a name from JFA, no actual case details. Drabble-ish length; I didn't count the words.

The letter was half-buried by the stacks of bills, restaurant fliers, and finance-related junk mail (which looked alarming like the actual bills). Maya regarded it curiously -- the simple, childish handwriting addressed to "Phoenix Wright, Lawyer", the shiny sticker in the shape of a cartoon animal (though what animal was unclear) holding it shut, the complete lack of a return address. Maya held it by one corner, and walked into the inner office.

"Um, Nick? Do you know what this is about?" Ever since another round of fake-mail-poisonings had hit LA, Nick had recommended that she take care with the mail. Not that they ever got anything but bills. (And, once in a blue moon, payment from a client.)

"I don't think it's dangerous, if that's what you're asking. Go ahead, Maya."

Maya carefully pried up the sticker (probably a tiger? or a capybara? or an overgrown mouse?) and pulled open the letter. When no powder or flame appeared, she pulled out the contents and started reading. "It-it's a FAN LETTER, Nick! I didn't know lawyers got these! Especially not you."

Phoenix glared at that, but took the letter. The spelling was abominable, and the signature read only "Sarah", but it was definitely a fan letter. Probably written after that recent report on the Galactica case; the writer seemed to want to become either a lion-tamer or a lawyer. "Stick with the lions, they're less likely to eat you," Phoenix muttered to himself. "Thanks, Maya." As she walked back to the front office, he started to throw it into the recycling bin, but something stopped his hand. Instead, he tucked it into the bottom drawer of his desk.
Tags: fic, kinkmeme, phoenix wright
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