Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

more kingdom hearts spam

1. OH GOD PROUD MODE WHY I NEEDED MY THUMBS. Seriously, ow. I don't think there's anything but bragging rights beating it this way, unlike some of the earlier games, so just spare your fingers, f'list.

2. For a game with so little plot and simplistic characterization, I have absolutely no clue exactly what's going on. Day 276, IIRC? (I don't want to go googling for fear of spoilers or turn the DS back on right now, but it's just past the battle with the thumb-killing tentacle things.)

3. I kind of want to know what the creators think sea salt ice cream tastes like. Or just to have a big box of salt-water taffy, either works.

In completely unrelated news, buying a wedding dress entirely via email is possibly the least stressful clothing-shopping experience I've ever had. (So far, so good. I haven't actually committed to spending money yet as dear god that's a lot of money for an outfit I'll wear once. But I'll probably do so in the next day or so; I just want to grab the ear of a friend who actually has girl skills, and whom I'm having dinner with tomorrow. Besides, I'd sortakinda promised to take her along shopping for moral support, but I think eating Thai food instead of watching me freak the fuck out in front of a mirror is an acceptable substitute.)
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