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Really, Easter was just yesterday, right?

We, uh, finally got around to watching the Doctor Who Easter special. Yes, worst obsessive Who fen EVER, especially when we haven't seen the Torchwood mini-series yet either. (Though that we've been putting off because it's supposedly a downer (I know more spoilers than that, D---- doesn't). Which is still lame, but at least it's a reason.

Ow. I'd heard it was a light-hearted romp with a sort of generic-y companion-of-the-week. I hadn't expected self-referential cheese with a side helping of cheese. I'm sorry, anything where the characters are applauding and buying into the fandom is generally terrible. Greatest Show in the Galaxy worked because the self-referential meta was critical, guys. Ow. Christina, the flavor-of-the-week, wasn't bad, although she wasn't much more than a Lara Croft with smaller tits, but the ending "can I come", "no, I must be Mr. Emo Crankypants" was so, so bad. C'mon, give her some agency -- let her grab the bus on her own and book it. Argh.

Also, the thick-glasses sad-fanboy-scientist gag is older than dirt and needs to die.

It was like RTD forgot everything he clearly knew in Midnight, and heck, even some of the stuff he knew in Voyage of the Damned about writing disaster/trapped-onna-bus stories. Except the not forgetting to fail at racial dynamics -- at least the Black people didn't die this time, but the old black woman as psychic oracle only vaguely worked in The Matrix where stereotypes were intentionally being hit.

And the "call in U.N.I.T" shout-outs were deeply overdone. It was awesome a few times, but now either don't make a big deal of it or leave them offscreen for long enough for it to be an event again.

Sigh. I'm not sure how excited I am for S5 -- Moffett writes some fantastic episodes, but I'm not sure I like the idea of him as showrunner, and I'm still dubious about an actor playing the Doctor who's younger than I am. And before that, we have to watch RTD try to out-finale himself one last time -- four knocks I assume means the thing fandom is assuming, because subtle RTD ain't. Though I can put up with the stupid Drums conceit if we're getting Simm back for another special, because he's fantastic. (I *liked* LotTL despite Tinkerbell!Jesus!Doctor -- yeah, the special effects there were awful but I think without that it would have been almost perfect.)

TL;DR maybe I'll go watch Battlefield for good cheesy nostalgia.
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