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oh, look, a roleplaying meme. quelle surprise.

My HMD meme thread. Any & all comments on RP writing style welcome, though I expect everyone seeing that already knew that. I've been poking a lot at S.T.'s voice lately and think I've fixed the big thing that was bothering me, but there is always room for improvement.

Is it just me, or is the thing where you can put another name into the <lj user=whatever> text really brainbreaking? Usernames are how I *recognize* people, and when they're gone, even if the text that replaces it is the character's actual name, it's confusing. (It's confusing when people do it for real people too, but less so -- there are not dozens of different versions of them running around the same haunts and thus the namespace resolution is not so made of suck.
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