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if you see me commenting around today

Yes, I was supposed to leave on vacation today; we just took one of our cats to the veterinary ER and she's in for 24 hours of observation with kidney failure (not the world's most serious case of it ever but it's never good). So I may be online, but I'll probably be twitchy. (If escapism and not thinking about it too hard becomes the plan, I might be tagging RP-stuff, but that's doubtful.)

Also, if anyone wants to rec me some awesome to read? RP or fic, any fandom I like. It would certainly be appreciated. (I could always unpack the PS2 but we might be able to leave tomorrow and it's all taken apart as people requested I bring it and Katamari Damacy.)

ETA: packing up the DS and going in search of a coffeeshop with air conditioning. Some of the issue is that I absolutely desperately need this vacation stress-relief-wise, and having it snatched out is making me feel grumpy and then guilty about being grumpy when the kitty is sick in turns.

ETA 2: She's home, doing better, with prescription antibiotics, antacids, and kidney-friendly food. The vets are optimistic it'll be manageable just with diet and over-the counter antacids (apparently Pepcid AC works on cats, too, you just have to cut the pills into little pieces).
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