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I'm still not falling for Blake's 7. I expected to love it -- I have no need for special effects, a general liking of the genre, most of the male leads are easy on the eyes, and it's got an arc several decades before we called them arcs. (I am spoiled in only the vaguest of terms, and two eps in to S2. Please do not change that.)

I think it's because I just can't buy Blake as a revolutionary -- I had some witty way of explaining that earlier to D---- but it has stuck around like a snowflake in this heat wave. Avon and Blake are amusingly snarky, I don't ship them at all, D---- thinks Avon/Vila has subtext, and the outfits keep getting sillier.

I want to love it. But it just keeps falling flatter and flatter. Someone tell me it gets better? Please? Though it's not that long in toto. It's just taking forever to get through because I'd rather watch Iron Chef Japanese.
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