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free association is bad, kiddo

No, brain, you may not add anything to your (very short) Gyakuten Saiban fanmix for Vera. Especially not Divine Thing.

No, no, bad subconscious, no biscuit.

(Relevant lyrics are the chorus: "I could have sworn that you were an angel / But I should have known that you were the Devil" but it's very much in the context of a relationship gone bitchy rather than anything actually appropriate.)

My GS tracklist, for the record, only really has two things permanently listed, though there's a few more I've added (including one I've seen turn up on other fanmixes but I'd put it on beforehand). Those would be Which Describes How You're Feeling for Phoenix/Edgeworth (link is to an AMV using the song as I couldn't find just a video link of the band) and It's a Crime by The Magnetic Fields for Phoenix/"Dollie" (link is to the lyrics as I couldn't find the song anywhere -- trust me it's lovely).

I'm not sure what else is on it because it's on the other machine -- those are the two that are just too perfect not to be on it.
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