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As I am in a house with two blogathon writers, and I haz a laptop, I might be spamming journal. Sorry.

Holy crap is the first episode of B5 clunky and heavy-handed. I mean, yeah, JMS loev sledgehammer in general, but usually he's a little more balanced with it. I think I've heard at least 7 "as you know Bob's" in just this episode. Yoinks.

Though even in this episode Londo and G'Kar just leap forward into epicness. Sinclair is kind of colorless, and Garibaldi and Ivanova are one-note comic relief characters. Talia also is hugely important, which I'd forgotten.

And yes, it's almost 4am and we're watching b5 to stay awake due to blogathon. Starting at the beginning as it's being introduced to one of the folks here.

And early CGI has aged so much less well than model shots, IMHO.

I don't think I mentioned going to see JMS at Henry Jenkins' lecture series -- I'd been hoping it really would be an interesting take on doing a major show while interacting with fandom (which JMS did), but it was mostly JMS trying to be Harlan Ellison and the audience (during the Q&A) being fail!fan!geeks.
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