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wallpaper? besides the stuff peeling off the walls?

There's this wallpaper meme going around. Problem is, I don't have one. My Windows work machine doesn't, either. The only one that does have any is the work linuxbox, which has four Doctor Who screenshots for the four different desktops. (The cars from Gridlock for 1/primary, the Dalek fleet from Bad Wolf/TPotW on 2, the Skasis Paradigm wannabe Matrix effect from School Reunion on 3, and the Toclafane descending from LotTL on 4. They're blurry because they've been blown up a lot, but they're all geometric/special effects shots so it works.)

Any suggestions? Any good classic Trek wallpaper comms/screenshot archives?

1920-by-1200 for the desktop, 1280x800 for the laptop if I want something with no blurring.

Dark/not high contrast good. My old laptop wallpaper was Holly from Red Dwarf (i.e. mostly black with a face) but I'm not going to ressurrect that.

ETA: for want of anything better, the laptop is now set to the full photo that this icon is from, which was a multiple-exposure due to an unsteady hand and actually looks kind of cool. And a streetlight in the bottom left corner lining up with my Dock makes it look like my hard drive is ON FIRE or something which amuses me more than it should.
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