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oh, septa

As there's a couple fellow pubtrans suffers reading this, someone did a lovely hack on a SEPTA station. While that's no longer the transit I take, some things are universal.

Follow the image links -- it's better as a picture than as transcribed text, unless you can't see the pictures.

In other news, possibly I have gotten $186 free from the MBTA, but I have to find a way to get to Downtown Crossing during their stupid hours to find out. The bus ate my pass, and they told me to buy a new one and they'd send me a refund. The refund letter has TWO cards in it, which may mean they've done their usual "refund by giving you two free rides" thing, only with enough for two PASSES. Or they might have given me two free rides on the bus that ate it, in which case I'll bitch them out again.
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