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questions/interview meme

A meme, while I wait for people to figure out what the heck we're doing for dinner, courtesy of lady_angelina

1. Are you looking forward to seeing old classmates at your HS reunion?

College reunion, actually, and yes. (Much more so than if it were HS, heh.) I'm in touch with a lot of them via mailing lists/LJ (and there's a sizeable Boston contingent. Actually being here for the first time in 4 or 5 years (dunno if we went to my 5-year, this is D----'s 10-year as he was a year ahead of me) is a nostalgia trip-and-a-half. It's so green down here, and there's been some construction but a lot of campus looks the same. And, despite the inevitable jokes, smells the same, and sense memory is huge.

Swarthmore College, FYI. Those who've gotten email from me re: RP likely know that already, as I often don't bother changing my return address.

2. What prompted you to become a vegetarian, and when?

I'd have to ask my mother. She went veggie in college/grad-school, and I was raised veggie.

3. What is your favorite fantasy/sci-fi book/series?

Oh, wow, this is hard to answer. If this were a media question, the answer would be easy -- Doctor Who. Book varies by mood -- the stuff I loved as a kid hasn't held up as favorites -- while I still go back and read Anne McCaffery and Mercedes Lackey and stuff, they're too fluffy for me a lot of the time now. I like C.J. Cherryh's stuff, both Cyteen and the Foreigner series, I (obviously) really love Bujold's Vorkosigan books, and a variety of non-series things. Stephenson's The Diamond Age, Murakami's Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, lots and lots of things I can't recall right now. Growing up, it was Niven and Heinlein and McCaffery and Marion Zimmer Bradley and all the Silver Age stuff, and I still read a lot of that. Fantasy: probably Tolkein.

4. How are you enjoying playing Vera Misham at FJO?

I haven't really gotten to yet, heh. We haven't gotten to the right bits of plot yet. (Phoenix-mun might app Drew as a temp character at some point.)

5. What do you like the least about public transit?

The schedules. Especially evening/weekend, because the fact that making a quick trip to the store on the way home gets me home an hour later = suck.

And now people are drawing the lovechildren of Cthulu and a woolly mammoth on the Math Dept. chalkboards and trying to figure out what lasers would be optimum for making s'mores (to which I cannot contribute well, see #2 above) which I think is my cue to leave the 'net.

People can ask me for questions if they want but I might not be around until Monday and I am terrible at this sort of thing.
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