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state of the muse meme (stolen from loosewiring)

Sangamon Taylor: After six months of playing the guy, I'm finally starting to really feel comfortable. Posting without needing to have the book in hand unless I need to check a detail -- until recently, I'd still been reading ~3-5 random pages before every post. I was looking at timestamps and was gleeful about having done a ten-minute tag -- sure, it was short, but it was the kind of conversation that warranted short, and I'm still happy with it. Bouncing him off other snarky characters is so, so helpful -- most of the characters in his canon share his snark and thus it's familiar turf.

I still do have this big blinking mental sign over playing him that says "you can never have too many metaphors", because really, you can't, not when playing Stephenson To be pedantic, yes, this includes similes as well.. (Okay, there are bad RPers/writers out there that will prove the hazards of metaphor abuse, but Stephenson is a master of throwing a lot of them in there without turning the prose purple, and I'm trying very hard to emulate that.) I do still worry about my more straight-up prose with him; there's a lot of that, since there's only so many breathless metaphors and jump-cuts that are appropriate, and he's not a one-trick pony, narratively or characterization-wise. But even that's coming easier.

I still need to find an excuse to write a straight-up ring-form ekphrasis in the middle of a normal conversation just to satisfy my inner geek just because I can.

Taura: I was so, so nervous about introing her. She has a lot less canon, and none of it's from her POV. And then, a day or two after being all giddy over a ten-minute tag with S.T., I've written one with her in her intro thread. I think a lot of the speed is coming from the fact that Lois Bujold is from somewhere in Ohio and has lived there most of her life, IIRC. Her natural narrative vocabulary is pretty much identical to mine -- the only thing I had to go back and keep correcting when writing up her intro was swapping medtech or medic in for "nurse". Basically, strip off modern-Americanisms, add a little SFnal vocab, and word choice is word choice. (And swear less than I naturally do. She does swear like twice in canon, and both times over serious problems, not minor things. I am, however, ignoring the one time she does use "God" as it's a) much later, b) doesn't make any characterization sense, and c) could easily be something she's picked up from other people, and d) is
in "Winterfair Gifts" which has often been critiqued for lack of editing. There's no logical reason for her to have been raised religious -- several other characters, including the POV character when she says it, yes, but not her.)
So right now she's the opposite of S.T. -- words are coming easily, but I'm still second-guessing characterization everywhere. Whereas I'm pretty sure my gut reactions are good for him, I just have to make them come out sounding right.

Brushel: I need to get off my butt and do stuff over at FJO. He's a lot harder to summon if I'm tired or stressed, because I need to be a little Zen to do his weird leaps of logic. But when I can get that connection to work, he otherwise is pretty easy to write. And almost always makes me grin, because he's fun.

Vera: haven't had a chance to do anything with her yet. And throwing her into a DR or musebox when all she will do is *hide* is kind of impossible. But I think she'll be fine to write when I need to. It is odd to feel I have a handle on her when I know I don't have one on her 7-years-later self, but adolescence-in-isolation on that psyche is a strange thing and I don't really know where it would take her.

ETA: my thread in the HMD meme for all of them. You don't get a fancy link 'cause I'm posting from work.
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