Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

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Bullet point version:

* Stress: stressful
* Food poisoning or something like that: suck
* New Star Trek: still shiny enough that it's really tempting to blow off all the things I need to get done (gardening, mowing, wedding planning crap, making icons) to reread my old novels or try writing K/S/U
* Fandom meta: making me feel v. guilty for just having picked up the one Vorkosigan novel I was missing (oh, Lois, stop trimming your toenails with your teeth and engage brain, please?)
* damnedchat: enabling -- there might have been a $10 copy of the first .hack game at Newbury Comics when I popped in for new headphones.
* me: too tired to bother making these real html bullets.
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