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initial impressions on this whole ficwriting thing

I never really quite believed authors (fanfic or otherwise) when they said the characters talked to them in their heads.

Somehow, managing to actually post a few things appears to have opened a floodgate in my head.

At least Dahlia Hawthorne has SHUT UP, 'cause that was getting more than a little disturbing. Though the fact that she's been replaced by Ron DeLite singing U2's Vertigo in my head is not especially encouraging.

The kink meme is kind of awesome, just for making me actually write something. Writing is both craft and art; I don't think I'll ever be an artist -- I just don't have that much raw creativity, but I can work on craftsmanship. (The last is not intended to be self-deprecating; it's true. I am an engineer by training, trade, and inclination; most of my intellectual pursuits are analytic, not creative.)
Tags: meta, phoenix wright, writing
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