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star trek: reboot

Adorable babyfaced Spock was adorable. I don't think I'd ever seen Quinto in anything before, so I didn't have any knee-jerk reactions to him. I don't think I'd seen any of the new main cast, come to think of it.

McCoy seemed off at first, and then became awesome. I wish we'd gotten to see more of his positive side, but there was too much plot and too many characters to get through for there to be enough McCoy for me.

Though getting massive amounts of Uhuru = awesome. A lot of my favorite books growing up had Spock/Uhuru subtext -- I'm not sure if I'd have ever called myself a shipper, but I kind of liked their flirtation as a kid and it didn't feel at all out-of-left-field in the movie. And suddenly I sort of want Kirk/Spock/Uhuru which is odd as I was never a K/S shipper.

I (like everyone else) really liked the explicit AU as a way to sweep a lot of continuity under the rug without just breaking things.

The only thing I worry about is that it was too much for the fans -- though I think a lot of the shoutouts were also accessible to anyone who was a casual viewer the first time around. The one non-TOS fan in the group wasn't especially impressed.
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