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eight things (6 & 7)

Yes, I am so fail I can't even keep up with pointing out things that are nifty.

Today: sleeping in until the grand total of 7:30. Although the extra 1.5 hours don't seem to have been enough, as as soon as I post this I'm giving in and going to bed.

Yesterday: I'm not sure I remember yesterday. Argh. So instead, things in the past few days that didn't get their own posts.

1) Managing to trip one of those auto-speed-detector things while on my bike coming home from work on Monday. Whee.

2) Pretty pretty Ema/Franziska doujinshi that I spent too much on eBay for but it's gorgeous. I don't read Japanese, but I think it's set just post 1-5, and I'm not 100% sure it deserves the virgule rather than the ampersand, but there's frilly dresses and hand-holding and it's adorable. It's by the circle monochro + monologue, whom I adore and are difficult to find. (It's their art in this icon, but their site started 403'ing a while back so I think they got fed up with US fans.)

3) D---- being mostly a sweetheart about the fact that I'm on the verge of throwing things most evenings.

4) Refinancing the house because if the economy is sucking, why shouldn't we take advantage of it. That actually did happen yesterday, come to think of it.

And now I hide from tags and go to sleep.
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