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Personal Canon meme, this time for Phoenix Wright

Ok, taking a break from all-DW-all-the-time, as DW fandom is substantially more annoying between seasons, methinks. Also, with the amount of paintstripping we've been doing at home, the grand marathon of episodes has stalled-out mid-Tom Baker.

About two months ago, I picked up the first Phoenix Wright game, and had fun with it. I'm an old school text-adventure fan, though as I never could manage to keep my PDA charged, I haven't played them on my commute in years. (My long public-transit commute is my prime videogaming time.) Just as I was finishing the game, I ran across a fic for it on springkink, and suddenly I had a new fandom. I'm *not* used to fandom flitting; I first joined organized fandom as an HP-fan-lurker because a bunch of folks on my nonfannish LJ were in the fandom. And then Who returned, and I cannot resist it, even when it (either the fandom or the show, pick either) is being wanky. But the PW fandom appears to be small-but-awesome. And since it's tiny, I actually picked up a notebook and have started trying to write fic, because it needs more fic.
I actually have an OTP in PW, unlike Who. That would be Phoenix/Edgeworth (or Edgeworth/Phoenix). I also like Adrian/Franziska, which is the first time I've really fallen hard for a femslash pairing.
I like these personal-canon lists, though, so I thought I'd assemble one for PW. Some of these may or may not fit with what the game creators have said outside of game canon; I know there are interviews and stuff around, but I'm not familiar with all the details.

1. Phoenix's parents are alive, still happily married, and reasonably normal people. This makes him fairly unique in the main cast. (Corolary: Larry's parents divorced when he was a kid; it was an ugly divorce, but they're both alive and well.)
1a. Phoenix's dad runs a small independent auto-repair shop. Because it makes non-driver!Phoenix funnier.

2. I like the interview-canon of Phoenix as drama student, so I've added that to my personal canon.
2a. Generally, that makes me think Phoenix would actually be pretty comfortable with his sexuality, whatever it is. Though there's a lot of well-written stuff where Phoenix freaks out about liking Edgeworth, I actually think it's likely that he'd already know he was bisexual. The reason this is lumped with the "drama student" thing isn't because *I* think there's any link between being an actor and being gay -- it's because it's enough of a stereotype that I think that someone, somewhere along the line would have assumed acting-student!Phoenix was gay, and he'd have at least given the concept due consideration. And yeah, in my head, he's bisexual. That's actually NOT because of his interactions with Edgeworth; it's more due to the way he freaks out when flirted with by ANYONE, including (but not limited to) April May, Angel Starr, Jean Armstrong, Godot. He gets all weirdly twitchy, and he's clearly DO NOT WANT at Armstrong, but it's not because Armstrong's male.

3. Phoenix has a semi-photographic memory. Extremely useful for an aspiring actor, and also for managing impressive scores on the LSAT and bar exam despite switching to law late in the game. (He passed the bar on the first try.)

4. Edgeworth will take the elevator; Manfred von Karma made him ride them until he could do so without twitching (much). Edgeworth will often get out if anyone else gets on, though, if he's feeling twitchy that day.

5. Phoenix has one recurring nightmare; it's from when he found Mia dead in the office. Sometimes the dream is true to reality; sometimes the dead body in his office is someone else (depending on what's worrying him at the time -- Edgeworth, Maya, a client, whatever.) And sometimes it's Mia and then she comes back to life as a zombie and chases him around LA. At some point, if he fesses up about this dream to Edgeworth, Edgeworth will buy him motion-sensing lights for the office so he never has to come into a dark office again.
5a. The nightmares are the only reason he never ended up living in his office even when money was ridiculously tight; he just couldn't handle it.
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