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(it's my LJ and I'll whine if I want to)

gah. would my ears stop popping for five minutes? please? and possibly take this hypochondria with it? there's probably some non-terrifying explanation.

damnit. I'm so, so tired. I keep coming home and being very, very glad when I have no tags and don't have to try to make words connect. Because I just can't do it, at least not much. Important threads and I have no quality control.

I just want to curl into a ball and tell the world to fuck off.

Except I'm already behind at work due to being sick-sick rather than just 'hi my ears have been popping for months' and even before that I was swamped. Which means that I'm pouring energy out for eight hours and when I get home I'm almost in tears just from the effort of contemplating microwaving dinner.

Sigh. People should smack me if my tags are incoherent.

At least having come down with the first thing I've had in years that put me into a real fever was useful, RP-wise? I'd forgotten quite how much high fevers fuck with internal monologue.

And my google-fu has failed to find out how deep the water above the Callahan Tunnel is.
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