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I think I need a new lung (to the tune of "I think I need a new heart")

As I was driving home from the doctor's, there was this lovely large stream-of-consciousness post in my head with nifty metaphors and existential bullshit. Now, my head is back to containing only sinus ick and the vague recollection of an internal monologue that looked like the waterfalls in the town I grew up in.

But I Have Achieved Antibiotics! With only a medium-sized amount of the usual runaround by medical professionals.[1]

And in a few days I might be back to coherent at work! Whee! (More than six hours of sleep, in a whole unbroken run without coughing myself awake? Would be nice.)

Also, damnedchat, I blame you for the repeated waking-up-dream where I kept being amused by the fact that I *hadn't* dreamt about being stuck in the game. At least it made waking up over and over to cough up a lung slightly less dreary.

ETA: And Happy Evacuation Day, otherwise known as St. Patrick's Day everywhere that isn't Boston.

[1] (Apologies to the medical folk on the f'list, but I get really, really tired of doctors trying to convince me to play russian roulette with my gut and new antibiotics when I did all that back at age 13. Along with a ridiculous assortment of prescription cough medicines -- one week high, one week low, one week loopy, one week hyper, gah. Especially when I'm sick and I just want to be better and I know what will do it, I just can't prescribe it to myself and I've already waited most a week so that I could say I've been sick for 10 days because that's the magic number in their book.)
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