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Personal Canon, Who-style

I'm thorougly amused by people's personal who-canon. The only two pieces of fun that have lodged themselves in my brain lately are both cross-era.

1. Jo Grant, Torchwood agent. The only time Torchwood has successfully planted a mole on UNIT. The uncle who pulled strings was her uncle, but the strings were different. :) Also, Ianto is related, though I like the idea of him being a nephew.
1a. Just before the Year That Never Was, Jo twigged to who Saxon was. But none of her notes ever got through to anyone. Jack was really quite disturbed when he found them in the "crank" pile afterwards.
1b. Also just before the Year That Never Was, Jo booked tickets to the USA for herself and some of her little grandchildren. She immediately bought an old car, got a lot of cash, and drove down the Pan-American all the way to some bit of Central/South America, where they successfully hid for the entire year.

2. In Pete's world, there was a very successful mini-series (complete with bad special effects, BBC lighting, and lovely period dress) of _The Memoirs of An Edwardian Adventuress_. Mickey adores it. Rose thinks it's completely lame.
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