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LJ, whut?

Why do you keep switching my viewing options, LJ? My timestamps went all UTC there, and I seem to get a different layout at random. (Well, random between the two I have set for different accounts.) Possibly I blame LJLogin.

(Note: this question is rhetorical; I don't actually need an answer. I'm just brain-dead and whiny.)

Also, my boss is awesome, and laughs at me when I accidentally use classical scholar jargon to refer to software and then have to explain. I'm sorry, my vocabulary was warped by having an adolescent infatuation with Latin, and it will never recover.

...which reminds me, I need to make that dead languages are sexy LJ icon with my latin, greek, and fortran books. Entirely Because I Can.

and no, this post has no real content. My subconscious is just bouncing off walls for no apparent reason, and clearly the answer is to spam LJ.
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