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but what are your thoughts on DEATH NOTE

Another capsule review, since I just finished it: Death Note, manga version. Specifically the Shonen Jump published translation. (I minored in classics -- I have a deep and abiding fetish for good translations and discussions thereof. But being able to read these on the train and hold them in my hands meant I actually read them.)

Summary: fun read, but again, I do not get the fannish obsession. Okay, icons of everyone under the sun doing the "just as planned" thing are now actually funny, but otherwise? Felt too much like a teenage boy's wet dream of Sherlock Holmes crossed with Ender's Game. (ETA: And by Ender's Game I really mean the later Bean vs. Peter books, not the original novella/novel.)

In short, all of the main characters are complete douchebags, except for some of the lesser NPA characters (Matsuda is adorkable). All the non-villains are so caught up in their headgames that they never consider the route of, say, just assassinating Light Yagami on speculation. Sorry, but no. Kill the kid rather than letting Kira reign for four years.

Also, some female characters that have personalities might be nice. Bleah.

The biggest plus in reading it was finally figuring out a working theory on why I find comics so hard to read. And then facepalming at myself for not realizing it earlier. In short: I'm a natural speedreader. I don't remember how to read linearly. That DOES NOT work very well with comics. Reading manga helped because a) background text was almost non-existent or in a language I do not know, and b) the right-to-left tripped me up over and over until I actually slowed down and read frame-by-frame. It also explains why I never had much trouble with webcomics -- one strip at a time I can managed. So now all I need to do if I'm having trouble is cover up parts of the page until I can actually read the frame I'm on. Which is dorky, but it seems to work.

When I was at the library recently, the "librarian's choice" bookshelf by the checkout had the first few copies of Transmetropolitan sitting there, and as I'm about to be RPing with a Spider Jerusalem, I figured I'd check them out. And have managed to start successfully picking my way through them, based on what I guessed. So yay for an entire medium no longer being completely opaque to me. (And boo on Strangers in Paradise for confusing me so badly back in the day that I gave up on them back then. A friend of mine was kind of obsessed with it, so I tried and failed at reading them.)
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