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brb, going to ZyzzlCon 3009

Whoo, MIT Mystery Hunt time. It snuck up on me -- Christmas, a much-needed but too-short vacation over New Year's, and work being, well, work. (For those not who have not heard me tl;dr -- I <3 my job but it is stressful and time consuming and involves me having actual responsibility and the best way to make me buckle down is for me to guilt-trip myself.)

So I was kind of meh until yesterday. And then since then I've been going OMGOMG can it start NOWNOWNOW? Concentrating at work tomorrow afternoon will be hard, as the hunt will have already started.

And, if anyone out there in LJ-land is hunting or knows hunters, I'll be hunting for the 4th year with II&F. It's kind of weird to be on my fourth year with the team -- I'm only a fringe member of the social group that forms the core; a lot of the people I only see a few times a year, and a lot of them are very close. But they're a good crowd. And we don't have "Winning is not an option" on the list this year, which is kind of scary. I don't think we're likely to win, but we're actually gunning for it this year. Or at least not actively avoiding it. (The team that wins has to run the Hunt the year after.)

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