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One, the new Doctor is younger than I am. This is NOT OKAY. Otherwise, I know nothing about him and will wait and see.

Two, MYSTERY HUNT WHEE! Also yay for planning meeting where the first order of business was getting at least one computer on the network so we could see who the new Doctor was, and then discussed Yuletide until we had a quorum. And the theme appears to be golden-age skiffy which is fabulous. Have spaceship and powerstrip, will travel. (In the unlikely event anyone else here is hunting, I'm on II&F.)

Third, I was reading yuletide and now I cannot shake the thought of apping Taura from the Vorkosiverse. Thankfully, damned apps are open now, which is too late to reread all of the stories especially since I don't own one of them. If I'm still this enthused in three months, though, I might be adding a slightly-less-obscure character to my obscure book-fandom RP contingent. And it would be fun to play someone who'd need power-limiting.
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