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[kinkmeme] Lighter Than Air

Title: Lighter Than Air
Fandom: Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban
Pairing/Characters: Ema/Maya
Summary: Everything can be explained by the power of SCIENCE!
Rating/Warnings: G-rated. Unbeta'ed, straight from the meme. It does fill the prompt, so if that squicks you, please just skip it.
Prompt/Kink: Maya/Ema....body inflation plz. oh god don't hurt me I am just a poor anon
Word count: 446
Author's note: Okay, so writing this was a bit odd. There was bitching and wankery on the meme over the request, and my initial response was something along the lines of:
Huh, a kink I hadn't even heard of. Weird, wonder what it is....hmm, that's as weird as macro/micro to me in that it's just so unrealistic. Wouldn't that leave stretch marks? ...Come to think of it, why doesn't Maya (or Pearl) end up with stretch marks... Ema: "SCIENCE!"

So I wrote it on the train home, and then I didn't out myself on it because I didn't want to deal with the possibility of wank. But I changed my mind, since people are being obnoxious again on the meme -- so here it is for posterity, and for some sort of solidarity.

"Can I see your skin?"

"Whaaaaat!?" was all that Maya could manage in response to that. It had to have been the strangest request she had ever gotten when describing her work as a spirit medium. And that included the never-ending questions about channeling someone of the opposite gender, as well as the occasional client who brought along articles belonging to the deceased, ranging from clothing to things Maya was still glad she couldn't identify.

"For scientific purposes, of course", Ema answered. And with that, she leaned over and pinched a fold of skin on Maya's forearm, tugging hard.

"Ouch! What sort of science involves pinching me!?"

"Well, you channel people that are bigger than you, right?" Ema paused, looking somewhat sheepish. "So when you go back to being you, your skin has to bounce back into shape. Scientifically speaking, you should have stretch marks all over. But you don't."

Maya had to admit that Ema had a point. She just wasn't sure how that had led to late-night experiments in Ema's apartment-cum-mad-scientist lair. Or why she put up with being poked and prodded and having helium injected under her skin, which tickled something fierce. Possibly the never-ending supply of chocolate Snackoos and science fiction movies that came after the experiments had something to do with it. Or the way that Ema's eyes gleamed as she took each new measurement.

But it wasn't until Ema dragged her to a park in the middle of the night, a station-wagon full of helium tanks in the back, that she found out the real goal of the experiments.

"I think you could fly", Ema said, pulling out a sheaf of notes almost a foot thick. "I've done all the calculations, and the tensile strength of your skin exceeds anything I've ever seen before."

Maya's entire body felt frozen to the spot; heavier than lead as she just nodded and let Ema set to work. Ema hooked up dozens of little tubes, and her skin began to lift in a way that had become disturbingly familiar. She couldn't help giggling as the tingling spread from her arms down her legs and to her feet. It tickled so much she didn't notice the lessening of weight on her feet until she almost tipped over in the breeze. Maya reached out, her arms clumsy with the added size but her hands still able to close and grabbed Ema's wrist. "Eeeek! Don't let me float away!"

Ema laughed, and started shutting valves down and detaching lines, never letting go of Maya's hand. Ema's hand was warm, and soft, and the only thing connecting her to the Earth. Maya closed her eyes and let the air and Ema's quiet laughter buoy her along.

Tags: fic, kinkmeme, phoenix wright
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