Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

Those SJA Audiobooks

I haven't even seen the first SJA episodes yet, but I did have to giggle at the title of one of the newly-announced audiobooks: The Glittering Storm. Sarah Jane totally gets to be the Doctor-substitute in the SJA -- so the Glittering Storm is just the Oncoming Storm 2.0, with added makeup? (I know, I know, the synopsis of the audio implies the "storm" is part of the plot, but c'mon -- "The _____ Storm" as a Whoniverse title has to have some knowledge of the Doctor's nickname. She's got the screwdriver pose down, though I don't know if we've seen her in a trenchcoat a la the Doctor and Jack's coats, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get that visual note at some point. For some bizarre reason, this also makes me feel better about the sonic lipstick -- she's Ginger Rogers to the Doctor's Fred Astaire -- backwards and in high heels, indeed. And just vain enough to like to look good while doing it.

(If you missed, it, the announcement of the audios, with synopses, is at )
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