Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

thanksgiving in the internet age

Okay, so how would y'all explain LJ-based RP to your ~60-year-old quasi parents-in-law?

Context: I was noodling on my laptop (as was everyone else) and trying to get tags done. And said something to David about "argh, how much WTF should ex-giant-robots inspire?" just as Dave's dad comes walking up. And his parents (especially his dad) have this habit of, instead of politely smiling and nodding when something completely outside their realm of experience is brought up, they ask weird, picky questions. And try to understand, at least enough that they can explain why they would never do such a thing.[1] It was surreal, to say the least. Especially since Dave (who doesn't play and doesn't want to, but likes poking his head over my shoulder and making obnoxious comments, enough that he knows how it works, generally) kept trying to help explain. (Though once I'd sort of explained, I was amused that his father's first non-WTF question was "well, isn't a reply sometimes just one line?" to which I had to stifle the urge to explain that comment-spam vs. paragraph RP is an age-old debate.)

And then at dinner, Dave's cousin ended up explaining Facebook and Twitter to Dave's parents as well. Especially since we all (the cousins, all in their 30's (well, I'm 29, but I'm the youngest) were saying things like "we're old fogies, we use email more than microblogging" and the grups were v. confused.

[1] I just typo'd that as "suck a thing". That should not be as amusing as it is, but 1) I've heard more than I ever really wanted about their dubious opinions on the existence of bisexuality, and 2) there was a lot of wine. And it's much easier to deal with someone else's family with a few glasses. They're good people, but they're kind of overwhelming at times, and they're from a very different background in terms of region and socioeconomics, so I end up feeling like I'm constantly going to put my foot in my mouth.
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