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Also, Campari is still the best thing ever.

And I'm amused by the following idea (though I usually hate the idea of trying to make up drinks for characters): Miles Edgeworth, as a mixed drink.

In a highball or rocks glass, place a handful of ice cubes. Add 1 jigger (1.5 fluid oz) Campari, a scant half-jigger Grand Marnier (or Cointreau), fill with soda water, stir very gently. Or just add the soda to the glass first and leave enough room for the booze.

Precisely the right shade of pink-red, bitter, sparkling.

ETA: Also on the best things ever are places that let you order curry over the internet without having to talk to people and adorable anime and a tipsy fiancé who is a complete sap for talking animated cats. (Kiki's Delivery Service</em, for the record.)
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