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obligatory we had an election and people came post

So fscking tired this morning, but it was worth it. It didn't feel real until McCain was on CNN, being gracious in defeat and utterly unable to control the rabble he'd invited to his party. Maybe it was because, just beforehand, we'd all been glued to the blogosphere and the internet, except for the other room that was watching Comedy Central's coverage. (We had about thirty people in two rooms of a small Meffa house, with as many laptops as people; people were talking by IRC to the people across the room because it was so raucous that conversation was difficult.

The only downer was waking up to find that CA has written prejudice into their constitution. It was nice, for a while, not being in the only bubble of freedom in the US. (Also, it should NOT BE that easy to amend a state constitution. The MA system is much, much saner, and I'm not saying that just because we did keep marriage equality off the ballot up here, by the electorate across-the-board choosing to replace state representatives.)

I've never gone to the polls and voted for a winner -- I was just a little too young to vote in 1996. And if you told five-year-old me who was heartbroken over Ferraro losing the VP slot that I'd vote against a woman in the primaries and against a Republican ticket with a female VP, I'd say you were crazy, but that would be because I couldn't have seen this day. Having my own cynicism shattered is a marvelous feeling.

Now I have to try to actually get work accomplished, bleah. Couldn't focus yesterday, and now I'm running on less than four hours of sleep.
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