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That ten things meme

Well, if I'm *actually* going to put some Who-related content here, I might as well start with that meme that's everywhere today. But I think I want to do something a little different, so I split my list in two. I've numbered them both, so as to successfully count to ten, but they're not really rankings.

Five Things I love about Doctor Who
1. Postmodern social commentary on a children's show. Most common in the McCoy era, but not limited to it.
2. Hope wins. We've seen humanity defiant in the face of the universe dying (of old age) not once but twice (must rewatch Frontios...) -- we're the cockroaches of the universe, but we're always human, and there's always hope.
3. The new series, for reminding me just how much I love this show.
4. The sheer amount of crack that the main TV canon contains. Even before you add your favorite bits of spinoff canon. Heck, even before you go very many years through the original canon. Oh, hey, lets recast our main character, let's travel in a police box, let's make monsters out of toilet plungers, let's make half our starting cast play aliens who are weird enough that they can't be identification characters for the audience, and our two identification characters are middle-aged schoolteachers (ok, so they're not that old, but this is a children's show -- anything over 20 is middle-aged when you're six).
5. And now for the shallow one: I've been doing an in-order marathon, and as someone who grew up as a strict devotee of the asexual-Doctor school (Peter Haining Told Me So, in a Real Book), I'm slightly disturbed to note that there's been at least one point for every Doctor except Hartnell where my brain jogged sideways and went "ooh, sexy" at the Doctor.

Five Things I love about Doctor Who fans and fandom
6. They're nifty people. Okay, sometimes insane, but nice. I think people forget that the wank is just a tiny portion of what's out there in fandom on a day to day.
7. It's like a secret society, especially here in the US where the show isn't omnipresent. Little references get traded, and then suddenly you're discussing the relative merits of episodes created before either of you were born.
8. The angels have the phonebox Er, the inmates are running the asylum? The current show is being RUN by fans, to a large extent, and that was even true back in the later days before the Grand Hiatus.
9. We put the fanwank in fanwank -- the phrase was coined by a Who fan, though it doesn't mean quite the same thing as it does in larger fandom. It's one of those special achievements. Better than, say, being remembered for coming up with those dreadful smushed pairing names, or something. :)
10. Watching new fans discover the old series.
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