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Icon meme

Meme from commonlogic. Because I can never resist talking about my icons.
  1. reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
  2. make a post (including this info) and talk about the icons I chose.
  3. other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
  4. this will create a never ending cycle of icon glee.

This first one is from one of my favorite moments of the last episode of Classic Doctor Who. Ace (the girl in the icon) thinks the Doctor has just died, and she's holding his umbrella and wearing his hat. But she also knows the baddie of the episode is still there, and she's steeling herself to take on the evils of the universe alone. My favorite moments in heroic stories are the points where our heroes decide to take on impossible odds. Not the points where they do so, but the decision points. ("I will take the ring to Mordor, though I do not know the way" makes me cry every single time.) Also the only icon picked for the meme which I did not make myself, though I was going to make one until I found someone had already done so for me.
This is a (cleaned up) screenshot from Xenogears. The keywords on it are "tl;dr", and that's what I use it for. The Xenogears development team ran out of time/money partway through, and so the last half of the game is filled with long infodumps where they had to turn big sections into narration-plus-boss-fight. When the walls of text go up, the background is one of the main characters sitting in the a spotlight while a pendant swings back and forth across the screen. The icon is just the pendant -- I did consider trying to animate it but it was hard enough to get it cleaned up and shrunk to the right size from very poor quality screenshots.
This is one of my many icons from screencaps of Catillac Cats, a children's cartoon from the 80's. The real story is the one for my default userpic (used on this post) -- right at the point where I created this journal, a meme about one's first fictional crush was going around. When I was ~7, I had a crush on Riff-Raff (in the default icon). I made an icon of him (which I don't have uploaded anymore as the picture quality was terrible) and that was the only icon I had on this journal for a long time as a lurker. When I wanted some more "me" icons, I started working from more screenshots. This particular one is of the local dog, after some sort of comic mischief. I use it when fandom is being wanky or when something has blown up in someone's face, or something.
Also Catillac Cats -- this is Wordsworth, and he was a wannabe poet. Used when something seems like a good idea, or someone has a good point, or general geekyness.
This one is the only pairing I ship that I will argue for one half topping. I find the whole seme/uke top/bottom conventions in fandom dumb at best and offensive at worst. This, however, is Patrokles/Akhilles (the scene is the two of them from a vase that survived from antiquity). There were rules about that sort of thing in Greek culture that weren't the delusions of fangirls, and Patrokles was Akhilles's elder and mentor, even if Akhilles was the better (and more famous) fighter. So, if I haven't forgotten all of my ancient Greek, this says "Patrokles tops", over an image of him sort of staring at Akhilles's ass (though it's actually a group scene, not anything intimate). A note of interest: Ancient Greek art depicted characters worthy of respect as having very, very tiny penises. They are, in fact, naked in the icon.
Newest icon of the ones I made -- this is me punning on the old chestnut about "Is a Freudian slip when you say one thing but you're really thinking about a mother?" It's for meta/theory, because talking about "The Other" was the standard way to describe the difference between humanities majors and the rest of us slobs in college. (I have, in fact, talked about The Other. But I don't do it on a regular basis.)

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