Sarah (valentinite) wrote,

You know you've been playing too much Advance Wars when...

...every time the hike you're on starts up again, you have to quell the urge to say "Move out" in exactly that tone of voice. And I have the triumphant Tag theme stuck in my head.

Though I was a good girl and brought neither the DS nor the GBA on the trip. Well, at least not during the backpacking part. (It was in the car.)

The new Macbooks are shiny and have clicky keyboards and Dave pointed out that if I had one, I could sit in the living room while I'm noodling on the internet and he's reading. This is tempting, as right now the 'puter is in the study and thus I'm either AT THE DESK and unable to multitask or I'm elsewhere and not online. The tiny green laptop (olpc) is nice for geekcred but can't do AIM and FireFox stresses it out a fair bit. (Besides, I'll need a new laptop when Mystery Hunt rolls around.)
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