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shipwrecked and comatose?

Red Dwarf: still funny. We Netflixed it, since both of us saw bits and pieces years ago on PBS. I forget how many seasons we should watch before it gets awful, but we're still in the completely awesome bits. The audio is still wonky, even on DVD, so it wasn't my PBS station after all -- we have to turn it way up. *shrug* There is also still no excuse for A.J. Rimmer being that hot, either. Heh, geeksexual is me.

I did have an odd moment of feeling v. old when I realized during the ending credits that the last time I'd seen it, I'd never had fresh mango. Now you can find the things in most supermarkets.

Or at least the ones I go to. Possibly I have become a yuppie. OH CRAP PLEASE DON'T LET ME BE A YUPPIE.
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