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Yay for finally being able to breathe through my nose and not needing to sleep 10 hours a night. (Which is problematic when the time between getting up to go to work and getting home is ~13 hours, which leaves 1 for dinner and anything else I might ever want to do.)


Browns beat the Giants, baby! (what, NFL football is totally a fandom)

okay, okay:

I just realized a common thread of most of the fandoms I've been in: main-character triumvirates with a similar set of dynamics. Including OTPs. Though they don't all fit, there's some commonalities. Apparently I have a bit of a running thing for 'em.

My first fandoms were Doctor Who and Star Trek (TOS) as a little kid. (I mean little -- age 6 and on) Somewhere around age 9-10, I picked up a copy of The Best of the Best of Trek which was an essay collection. Including one on fanzines and slash, which is where *I* learned about the concept. My reaction, at such a tender age -- "WTF Kirk/Spock? Kirk/Enterprise, though I can see Spock/McCoy, and they might let Kirk join if bored." Yeah, that would be the dynamic -- hero, intellectual sidekick, and snarky-and-empathetic sidekick, with a pairing between the intellectual and the snark. Which also might explain some of why none of the later Treks pinged my fannish love, even if I enjoyed some of them.

Fits HP in both generations -- James & Remus/Sirius, Harry & Ron/Hermione to a T. Doesn't quite fit Phoenix Wright, though it's close -- but Larry isn't the hero, he's the comic relief. Completely doesn't fit Doctor Who, but Who never fits anything because the format is so different.

(This observation brought to you by me replaying case 3-3 and hitting Phoenix's "Dagnabit, I'm a lawyer, not a botanist!" line. <3 McCoy, you were always wonderful.)

Also, the weekly rounds of people (in discussion and/or FandomSecrets) realizing that Sarah Jane Adventures has cross-generation lesbian subtext is amusing. Because there is something so gorgeously subversive about a show with a 60+ year old female action hero who has subtext with multiple teenage girls.

EDIT: I have a star trek icon now. Whee.
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