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A little more about me

I figured I ought to have some recent content here, since I did post on the <a href="">Classic Who Friending Meme</a>, just in case anyone stops by.  

I've  been a Doctor Who fan since I was a little kid, watching on PBS (WVIZ in Cleveland).  I was too young for organized fandom at the time, though I did convince my father to take me to at least one SciFi convention, at which I wandered around being eight or so and befuddled.  Some time in high school, they stopped showing Who around me, and I lost track of the show.  I think it's just as well I didn't find rec.arts.drwho in college -- though I'm not sure why I didn't, as I was active on Usenet.  Possibly just because I didn't have the money to import the New Adventures, and thus wasn't up on the latest news.  Nor did I have any videos other than an off-air of Paradise Towers (with sad little stickers all over it telling my mother not to tape over it and hand-drawn Who logos).  (Nor a VCR, as the case was.) 

I was terribly dubious about the new show, having a) disliked the TVM, and b) having seen a bunch of folks in HP fandom getting into the new show as shippers, who hadn't seen the old show.  I was very glad to be proved wrong in my fears when SciFi finally started airing the new show.  (I'm actually being patient and watching the first broadcasts legally, but I am completely spoiled for what's coming in S3.)   See, when I was small, Peter Haining's book told me the Doctor was asexual, and I believed him.  So I generally don't ship Doctor/Companion, though there are a few pairings I will read if someone convinces me.  (And a few girl-of-the-week pairings I don't need convincing for, though no-one seems to write One/Cameca or Seven/Ray.)

Also, I really need a Who icon.  Should make one, or snag one somewhere; the problem is deciding what to pick.  (My default icon, for anyone who's curious, is Riff Raff from the old Heathcliff and Friends cartoon.  I made it ages back when there was some LJ conversation somewhere about "what was your first TV crush".  I was about seven and had a crush on a cartoon cat.  I'm entirely unsure why, but I figured it'd make a good LJ icon, and a fairly unique one.)

Most recent Who watched:  Pyramids of Mars -- My boyfriend and I are doing an in-order marathon.  It wasn't as good as I remember it being; I've felt that way about a lot of Hinchcliffe so far, whereas the few Pertwees I did see as a kid actually improved on seeing them again as a grownup.
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