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That usericon meme, made more entertaining to do by the fact that when I post to LJ from work, I can't see images. Image, then keywords, credits, explanation, and let's see if I can get them lined up when working just from the source of allpics.bml
"riffraff looks up" (default), made by me. When I first created this journal, a meme was going around about first fictional crush. This *isn't* the icon I created then, but it is the same character. It's Riff-Raff, from The Catillac Cats, and yes, first fictional crush. When DVDs came out (which I still haven't bought), better screengrabs were available so I created this icon to replace the old one, which I don't have uploaded any more.
phoenix/edgeworth, by yamikaosu. Wanted a pairing icon for these two, went hunting until I found one I liked, haven't changed it since.
science with gant, made by military_base. It's my default for anything cracky and PW-related.
dahlia & iris, by aprilechidna5. I love this fanart, and this is a better icon than my attempt was. And I love the Hawthorne twins -- Dahlia's the only PW villain I care about.
phoenix wright, by got_stalker. Default icon for PW-related stuff. I really liked the use of color in it, and it's a good generic icon for the fandom.

And now for some Who icons. I tend to upload in bunches.

seven & ice, by nostalgia_lj. McCoy is my favorite Doctor, and while I'm not a huge fan of Dragonfire (the ep this is from), it's a lovely ep for meta, and this is a lovely icon for it. It amuses me, at least. (Dragonfire has a point where the Doctor quotes from an academic book on Doctor Who.)
ace with hat & umbrella, by samfeasor. Ace is one of my favorite companions, and this is one of my favorite moments with her -- it's when she thinks the Doctor is dead and she first hugs and then puts on his hat. And then he pops up and steals it back and they are reunited.
doctor doesn't dance, by samfeasor. My position on the shipwars. I'm not a LOOMS-fancier; I just am not in this fandom for the shipping. (I will admit to liking Doctor/Master, especially in the Delgado/Pertwee incarnations and academyfic, even the stuff that rips off Harry Potter.) Also I love the episode this is from (Happiness Patrol).
kick ass take names, by me. This is Ray, from the episode Delta and the Bannermen. One of my favorite "temporary companions" for the Doctor, and one of the only humans for which I'll bend the rules of the previous icon. She's smart, sweet, repairs motorcycles and dances in a pretty dress and just generally is awesome. This is from the same image (and is a similar crop) to one of the avatars on the DWF, but I made mine before seeing it. I always end up doing a double-take. This icon also is my generic yay feminism! icon.
tardis, by me. I wanted a generic icon for Who-stuff, and what better than the TARDIS. But I didn't want a boring old vortex icon, so I cleaned up this screencap as best I could. (I couldn't get a frame where the TARDIS was there but the door hadn't opened yet -- I cleaned out the beginnings of a person emerging from it. When I get my Trial DVDs I may remake it since it's currently made from a very low-quality AVI-file.

And then the miscellany:
and want some rye? 'course ya do!, both by me. If you've played Return to Zork, you know where the quote and the screencap is from. If you don't, er, it's a long explanation. Try searching for the quote on youtube and you'll likely find the gameplay video I used to make this.
plato wrote rps, by me. Background is from the Loeb classical library edition of the Symposium, which contains RPS by Plato. If you don't believe me, go read it.
patroklos/akhilleos, by me. Image is from a pot, and the text says "Patrocles tops". I think the whole "who tops" thing is dumb. This is the only "so-and-so tops" icon I expect to ever have. Classical Greece did have rules about this sort of thing, and sexuality was viewed very differently.
tl;dr, by me. It's a screenshot from Xenogears -- there are long infodumps in the game with a swinging pendulum as background. I thought it made a cute icon to represent the letters tl;dr.

and I'm out of space on the lynx version of the update form. More later. The next are the rest of my Catillac Cats icons, all by me:
chitty chitty bang bang has nothing on you. Gadgets are nifty.
Cleo says "bitch please". The fact that you can't put commas in keywords is physically painful. This one isn't actually usually indicating that *I'm* upset. More that someone might be offended by something I'm saying, or that people on the internet are silly, or something like that.
shiiiiny. For things that are shiny, whether literally or metaphorically.

The rest are new or from my RP journal and I'm not sure what I'm using them for if anything. And tomorrow or as soon as I bother firing up photoshop I have a few more to make.
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