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oddball poll re:AIM

Not actually making this an LJ-poll because I'd rather have comment-answers (assuming anyone answers at all):

AIM/other messengers: are they more like:

1) Like calling someone -- something you'd only send to close friends/people you've know a long time.
2) Like chatting with someone at a party -- something you'd just do with anyone you run into there
3) Something else.

Behind the cut I'll say why I'm asking.

I was skimming bad_rpers_suck because it's funny and because when I'm too terrified to actually think about posting even to the DR, it cheers me up 'cause I'm not that bad. And someone mentioned getting slammed for not always being on AIM. And saying that email was a hassle. Which seemed really odd to me.

I use IM/messenger services when I'm logged on and able to chat, and that is the ONLY times. (Okay, if a fun chat discussion is going on and I want to stay logged into a room, then too.) I mostly use IRC, on a private server with friends from college, and write on the linux mailserver, mostly with Dave. Whereas I check my email at least once an hour whenever I'm somewhere with access. Don't have a mobile solution, because I'm cheap. If I can get an AIM, I DEFINITELY have email up and set to beep at me.

And yes, I'm shy. The first few times I ventured into the PWDR chat took at least three or four generous shots of bourbon. I still have trouble booting up my fandom AIM address without a glass by my side, and I can think of three times total that I've had the nerve to send a private AIM re: fandom. It feels like a massive intrusion, even when I wouldn't mind people AIMing me. (Yes, I'm a shy hypocrite.)
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